Estrella Spa

  • We have an all new offering just for you

    Estrella (“star” in English) was the original name of the hotel which is now the Avalon Palm Springs. For the last decade however, it’s what we’ve called our spa. We like to think of Estrella Spa as the star that lights up the Avalon from the inside out. It's the centerpiece of our Hotel’s health and wellness experience and a refuge for your indulgence, play, learning, growth and comfort.

  • Estrella Spa Menu

    This menu contains a completely new offering of treatments and experiences that we have crafted exclusively for you.
    Call us at (877) 760-0846 to learn more about our new menu and to make a reservation..


    60 min. $145 / 90 min. $195

    Completely customizable massage using a handcrafted blend of our organic herbal-infused oils and butters.


    Traditional full-body massage. Combines techniques to promote tranquility, improve circulation, and heighten sense of well-being.


    Theraputic massage that penetrates deeper layers of muscle tissure, restores range of motion and relieves muscle soreness.


    Classic pressure-point bodywork focused on the head, hands and feet. Accompanied by brainwave entrainment sound technology.


    Mamma-and-baby safe massage with a handcrafted salve filled with skin-fortifying organic ingredients.

    Couples Room available upon request.


    60 min. $150 / 90 min. $195

    Completely customizable facial to bring out your inner glow. Choose from deep cleansing, hydration, fine-tuning or anything else you can think of.


    Purifying, detoxifying and age-defying facial that supports softer, more supple and radiant skin.


    Facial that infuses every pore with a blast of pure oxygen.


    Facial that relieves sun-damaged skin and fights the signs of premature aging.


    30 min. $110/60 min $145

    Completely customizable scrub using your choice of bases, plant helpers and skin foods.


    Luscious treatment that heals, soothes and softens the body and soul.


    Vigorous exfoliating treatment that leaves skin bright, shiny and new.


    Deeply hydrating treatment that stimulates, rejuvenates, firms and protects the skin. Add masque +$20



    Define and maintain. Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish/buff, and a hand massage with herbal oils
    30 minutes $40


    A fresh mint and salt foot bath, organic shea butter and sugar exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish/buff, and massage with herbal oils
    45 minutes $60


    BROW $25

    LIP $25

    CHIN $25

    FULL FACE $70

    BIKINI $55

    LEG $80

    HALF LEG $50

    BACK $75

    UNDER ARM $35

    Holistic Health Treatments

    Below are some alternative treatments that stem from the time-honored traditions of alchemy, holistic health and global herbal medicine. Like most of our offering, these treatments use only handmade herb-infused oils and butters combined with custom-blended essential oils provided by American Medicinal Arts.


    Begin with a full body exfoliation using sugar, shea butter and jojoba oil. Follow this with a full-body moisturizing rubdown focusing on a hand and foot massage for systemic support. Then add a warm oil scalp treatment enhanced by palmarosa and anise essential oils. Finish with an ultra-repairing facial that balances skin conditions and plumps up dull tissue with bilberry, licorice and St. John’s Wort
    105 min. $260


    Begin with a vigorous full body exfoliation using salt, charcoal and sage. Follow this with a full body moisturizing rubdown with a focus on abdominal massage for digestive and immune system support. Then add a warm oil scalp treatment with cypress and clary sage essential oils. Finish with a deep-cleansing facial that remineralizes stressed skin and reduces inflammation with turmeric, jojoba and aloe
    105 min. $260


    A rhythmic treatment that rides the transformative wave of your breath, along with a range-of-motion techniques
    60 min. $145


    Rough skin and achy joints are quenched with a warm fresh milk soak. Finish with a white clay, green tea mask and a hydrating rub of jojoba-infused comfrey oil. Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish/buff
    105 minutes $120 / hands only 45 minutes $50 / feet only 60 minutes $70

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  • Estrella Spa Newspaper, Issue 1

    Our Estrella Spa Newspaper is a non-traditional take on a menu. It’s meant to be read more like a story than a list. In it, you will learn more about our spa and the treatments that we offer. You will also undoubtedly encounter some unfamiliar ideas and artworks that stem from the time-honored traditions of alchemy, holistic health and global herbal medicine

    Read the newspaper

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  • Avalon Lovers Membership

    Avalon Lovers is our way of showing love for people like us. It’s a membership program that acts more like a community-with-benefits. Lots of them. If you are an Avalon Lover, Estrella Spa is your refuge for indulgence, play and learning; your all-natural secret formula for living life to the utmost; your VIP pass to true healing and balance.

    • (10) 60 minute massages
    • 15% off f&b, rooms, spa services & retail 
    • Unlimited pool, spa and gym access
    • Fitness classes
    • Exclusive Estrella Spa events
    • Valet parking
    • WiFi at pool and spa area
    • Charge account privileges
    • Access to Avalon Beverly Hills pool
    • 15% off f&b at Avalon Beverly Hills 

    For more information, contact or 760.318.3000

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  • Wellness Activities

    Join us for some complimentary movement arts and body-mind practices that help you be, here, now. A true sense of health comes from both stillness and activity. Stillness practices such as bodywork, skincare and meditation help to heal and unwind us, lowering the amount of stress contained in the body, while active practices such as physical exercise, yoga asana and self-inquiry help to build resiliency and stimulate continued inner strength and growth in your body mind.

    Rise and Shine Yoga

    On the shady Presidio Lawn. Saturday 9:00am | Sunday 8:00am 
    Yoga for rejuvenation. All levels are welcome. Integrating traditional hatha poses with mindful breath and gentle flow.

    Guided Meditation

    On the shady Presidio Lawn. Saturday 10:00am | Sunday 9:00am
    An exploration of meditation includes visualization, mantra and awareness techniques to still the mind and the soul. Beginners are welcome.

    Your body moves (on Demand)

    Private Yoga w/ Steven Howlett

    Bring your practice with you. World-renowned instructor Steven Howlett integrates traditional hatha poses with mindful breathing and gentle flow, all in the comfort and safety of our private yoga studio. Packages for 5 people start at $100 with $20 for each additional person.

    Private Meditation w/ Steven Howlett

    Slow down and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with a private meditation session. Instructor Steven Howlett employs visualization, mantra and awareness techniques within this calming, focused class that will leave you feeling refreshed long after your stay. Beginners are welcome. Cost is $100 for up to 5 people/$20 each additional person.

    Standing bar class w/ Ashley

    Get a ballet-inspired workout that helps you develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion. The best part is, everything you learn can be done at home--as long as you have a chair. Cost is $100.

    Transformational Breath w/ Jennifer Savino

    Clear your energetic pathways and deepen your connection to your body and your breath. Cost is $200 for as few as 1 and up to twenty people.

    Ai Chi w/ Ann Moureau

    Relax, rehabilitate or get fit without leaving the pool. This contemplative, stylistic, water-based exercise program hails from Japan but is the perfect thing for Palm Springs.  Cost is $100.

    Integral Life Coaching w/ Cindy Lou Golin, PhD

    In a one-on-one confidential life coaching session, Dr. Golin provides an opportunity for you to experience more of what you want in life, and in the process gain self-awareness, clarity, insight, and enhanced personal growth. With a combination of honest feedback, intuitive insight, and useful tools, your personal life coach supports you in realizing the true potential that lies within. Cost is $250 per session.

    A full menu of classes and Your Body Moves partners is available at the hotel front desk or at the spa reception.

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  • Estrella Spa Shop

    The Estrella Spa Shop carries a fine selection of merchandise from friends around the world that share our same commitment to all-natural, hand-crafted experiences. Including:

    Dotter, the Swedish word for "daughter," is a pop up creation of the mother/daughter duo, Susanne + Annika located within the Estrella Spa at Palm Springs. The shop combines a unique mix of women's clothing, jewelry, and shoes alongside housewares, cookbooks and stationary. The Spa Shop also includes select items from Kelly Wearstler as well as skin care products from s/heDr. AlkaitisGrown Alchemist and COOLA.  

  • Spa Specials


    Rather than just the typical dinner date for Valentine’s Day, enjoy a full day by your partner’s side. Start off the day relaxing by one of our three pools or two Jacuzzis with a fresh juice or mimosa, followed by a wellness inspired lunch for two in a private cabana, and finished with a luxurious 60 minute couples massage in our private romance room with an outdoor shower and a glass of champagne.
    Value: $400
    Price: $250
    Package available the entire month of February! Based on availability. Offer does not include gratuity and cannot be joined with any other promotional offers.


    This package includes one 60 minute couples massage with a welcome glass of champagne at Estrella Spa, daily breakfast in bed for two, access to our VIP Villa Manager who is at their disposal to customize your stay.
    Please note there is a minimum 2 night length of stay, and this package is available for all room types. Based on availability. Offer does not include gratuity and cannot be joined with any other promotional offers.


    50 Minute Custom Facial $105
    50 Minute Swedish Massage $105

    Offer includes complimentary sparkling wine.

    *Monday-Friday only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.


    Schedule your spa services at the time of reserving your room and receive 20% off services (excluding salon services)


    Get 1 service at regular price and receive 25% off your next service (services must be done on the same day, excluding salon services)

    For reservations please call (877) 760-0846