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  • We have an all new offering just for you

    Estrella (“star” in English) was the original name of the hotel which is now the Avalon Palm Springs. For the last decade however, it’s what we’ve called our spa. We like to think of Estrella Spa as the star that lights up the Avalon from the inside out. It's the centerpiece of our Hotel’s health and wellness experience and a refuge for your indulgence, play, learning, growth and comfort.

    Estrella Spa Special Offerings

    50 Minute "Ask and Ye Shall receive" $115
    50 Minute "Original Face" $115

    *Monday-Friday only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

    For reservations please call (877) 760-0846

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  • Estrella Spa Menu

    This menu contains a completely new offering of treatments and experiences that we have crafted exclusively for you.
    Call us at (877) 760-0846 to learn more about our new menu and to make a reservation..


    Estrella Spa has an exciting new offering of massages, scrubs, facials and body treatments. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still play the hits.
    If you want something more familiar, choose from one of the three classic massages below:


    The traditional full-body massage. Combinations of techniques are used to promote tranquility, improve circulation and heighten your sense of well-being.


    A therapeutic technique that penetrates deeper layers of muscle tissue, restores range of motion, and relieves muscle soreness prompted by athletic activities.


    Guided by principles correlating zones of the feet with specific areas of the body, reflexology therapy focuses on the soles to transfer energy and restore vitality.

    60 minute $160/ 90 minute $235/ 120 minutes $320

    Our greatest hits will become your new all-time favorites thanks to our herb-infused organic oils and custom aromatherapy made for you by our partners American Medicinal Arts.

    Curious how to get the most out your session? Read the newspaper or just ask.

    Your Body Works



    Start by sharing where youre at and what you want to explore with your therapist. From there, a completely custom blend of organic herbal infused oils, butters and essential oils are mixed to support the various bodywork techniques that will be used to get you to your happy place.
     60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235 / 120 min. $320 

    Not exactly sure how you feel? Just choose from one of our guiding intentions below:

    LET GO

    Completely reset with Swedish-based massage strokes that unwind the body, increase circulation, decrease stress and balance you. Feature a balancing and uplifting blend of frankincense and sweet orange essential oils in sage-infused organic jojoba and prickly pear cactus oil.
     60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235 / 120 min. $320 


    Slow down with supportive and gentle Yin-style touch that calms your nervous system and helps rebalance your endocrine system. Features a soothing blend of rose geranium and clove essential oils on comfrey-infused organic avocado oil.
     60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235 / 120 min. $320 


    Release overused and contracted tissues with deep muscle-specific, Yang-style work. Decrease overall tension and increase mobility with herbal heat packs. Features a grounding blend of eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils in rosemary-infused organic jojoba oil and shea butter.
     60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235 / 120 min. $320


    Release stagnation with massage strokes intended to invigorate tissues and increase circulation-featuring rhythmic dry body brushing and digestion enhancing abdominal massage. Features a protective blend of black raspberry seed extract, grapefruit and clary sage essential oils  
     60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235 / 120 min. $320


    Listen to brainwave entrainment sound technology that drops you into a meditative state while the nerve centers found in your head, hands and feet are lovingly activated and addressed using classic pressure point techniques.
    60 min. $150


    Enjoy thoughtful touch that grounds and balances your nervous system, partnered with hot towels soaked in rose blossom water to soothe your tired muscles and reduce inflammation. We use a mamma-and-baby-safe, handcrafted salve filled with mother-supporting and skin-fortifying organic ingredients such as comfrey, jojoba, avocado, coconut, lavender, cocoa and shea butters.
    75 min. $160


    A rhythmic treatment that rides the transformative wave of your breath, along with hands-on-body rocking, kneading, drumming and range-of-motion techniques, in time with tonal drum sounds and transformative plant helpers including white sage, palo santo, clary sage and sweetgrass
    60 min. $160


    Our scrubs fuse techniques from the world’s great bathing traditions-the legendary hamam soap-scrub of turkey, the deep skin sloughing of Korea, and lastly the range or motion of Thai and sports massage, All of our scrubs are done with handmade organic ingredients and can be customized to your wishes.


    A vigorous treatment that'll have you feeling, looking and smelling all shiny, bright and new. Features a stimulating mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nettle, cardamom and myrrh.
    30 min. $110


    A luscious treatment that will heal, soothe, and soften body and soul. Features a juicy mixture of honey, shea butter, coconut, mint, cacao and palmarosa.
    30 min. $110


    Create your own custom scrub by choosing from a selection of our bases, plant helpers and skin food.  
    30 min. $110

    Moon Magic Treatments

    Our moon-influenced treatments help you align your beauty an regime to the moon phase


    Begin with a full body exfoliation using sugar, shea butter and jojoba oil. Follow this with a full body moisturizing rubdown focusing on a hand and foot massage for systemic support. Then add a warm oil scalp treatment enhanced by palmarosa and anise essential oils. Finish with an ultra-repairing facial that balances skin conditions and plumps up dull tissue with bilberry, licorice and St. John’s Wort.
    105 min. $220


    Begin with a vigorous full body exfoliation using salt, charcoal and sage. Follow this with a full body moisturizing rubdown with a focus on abdominal massage for digestive and immune system support. Then add a warm oil scalp treatment with cypress and clary sage essential oils. Finish with a deep-cleansing facial that remineralizes stressed skin and reduces inflammation with turmeric, jojoba and aloe.
    105 min. $220

    Your Skin Cares



    The Grown Alchemist Facial is performed with Three intentions: to cleanse, detoxify and activate. Using cutting-edge certified organic ingredients and plants combined with eleven distinct ficial massage techniques to lift, smooth and tone, this treatment offers the ultimate in age-repair while optimizing current skin cell function.
    45 min. $120 / 60 min. $160 / 90 min. $235


    Whether your skin needs some deep cleaning, hydration or fine-tuning around the edges, we customize this facial to bring your inner glow out. Each skin care session is special and no two sessions are exactly the same. Start by sharing where you’re at and what you want to explore with your esthetician.
    60 min. $160

    Not Exactly sure how you feel?
    Just choose from one of our guiding intentions below:


    Bring sallow skin back to life with ingredients and manual techniques to increase blood flow, energy and skin tone. Plant helpers: Lavender flowers, marigold blossoms, elderflowers, jojoba and rosehip seed oils Supports: Glowing, tonifying, uplifting
    60 min. $160


    Remove accumulated debris in the skin while providing essential nutrients and minerals to the skin.Plant helpers: Oat buds, blueberry, blackberry, turmeric, cat’s claw, jojoba and aloe vera gelSupports: Renewing, detoxifying, rejuvenating
    60 min. $160 


    Heal and repair environmentally damaged and/or aging skin. Plant helpers: Raspberry, bilberry, grapes, licorice, olive, St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E oilsSupports: Nourishing, fortifying, protecting
    60 min. $160 



    Specifically crafted to address the dense, hardworking skin on the back. Remove excess cellular built up, cleanse clogged pores, balance skin tone and hydrate to reveal strong, sexy tissue with wildcrafted seaweed, organic aloe, rosebuds, marigold, raw honey and white sandalwood. Extraction included as needed.
    45 min. $120


    This skin softening treatment will soothe and rehydrate sunburned, dry, mature, and generally stressed skin. Customizable for site-specific treatments or for a full body moisturizing.
    45 min. $120

    Your Cures Combined


    This combination of offerings is designed to help you expand your self-awareness. Start with a personalized Therapeutic Yoga Session (60 min), dive into an As Above So Below (60 min), then finish by seeking within during a Life Coach Session (60 min) as you sip on a nourishing fresh-pressed green juice and explore what’s emerged…
    3 hrs/ $400


    Start with a guided hike to a destination of your choice where you’ll enjoy a healthy snack and guided meditation, along with a willing ear if you just want to chat with your healer. Or take a bit of quiet time with some binaural beats on the headphones while your healer holds space for you. Upon your return it’s time for an original face raw plant food facial then an ask & (ye shall) receive (60 min) deep-dive!
    3.5 hrs $390


    Combine your choice of three services that feel in alignment with you for this moment. This treatment can include a scrub, message, facial, movement arts session or nail service. When you book them all together, you receive 15% off your custom-designed cure.

    Your Tips and Toes


    Rough skin achy joints are quenched with a ward fresh milk, honey, nettle and fresh orange hand and foot soak, accompanied by an organic avocado, rosemary and sea salt exfoliation. Finish with a white clay, green tea mask and a hydrating rub of jojoba-infused comfrey oil. Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish or buff.
    105 min. $120 / HANDS ONLY 45 min. $50 / FEET ONLY 60 min. $70


    Define and maintain. Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish or buff, and a hydrating hand massage with herbal oils. Treatment poolside also available.
    30 min. $45


    Soften and clean up. Includes fresh mint and salt foot bath, organic shea butter and sugar exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, polish or buff, and hydrating massage with herbal oils. Treatment poolside also available.
    45 min. $60

    Your Detailing

    BROW $25
    LIP $25
    CHIN $25
    FULL FACE $70
    BIKINI $55
    LEG $80
    HALF LEG $50
    BACK $75
    UNDER ARM $35

    Estrella Spa Special Offerings

    50 Minute "Ask and Ye Shall receive" $115
    50 Minute "Original Face" $115
    *Monday-Friday only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.
    For reservations please call 760 318 3000

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  • Estrella Spa Newspaper, Issue 1

    Our Estrella Spa Newspaper is a non-traditional take on a menu. It’s meant to be read more like a story than a list. In it, you will learn more about our spa and the treatments that we offer. You will also undoubtedly encounter some unfamiliar ideas and artworks that stem from the time-honored traditions of alchemy, holistic health and global herbal medicine

    Read the newspaper

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  • Avalon Lovers Membership

    Avalon Lovers is our way of showing love for people like us. It’s a membership program that acts more like a community-with-benefits. Lots of them. If you are an Avalon Lover, Estrella Spa is your refuge for indulgence, play and learning; your all-natural secret formula for living life to the utmost; your VIP pass to true healing and balance.

    • (10) 60 minute massages
    • 15% off f&b, rooms, spa services & retail 
    • Unlimited pool, spa and gym access
    • Fitness classes
    • Exclusive Estrella Spa events
    • Valet parking
    • WiFi at pool and spa area
    • Charge account privileges
    • Access to Avalon Beverly Hills pool
    • 15% off f&b at Avalon Beverly Hills 

    For more information, contact or 760.318.3000

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  • Your Body Moves

    Join us for some complimentary movement arts and body-mind practices that help you be, here, now. A true sense of health comes from both stillness and activity. Stillness practices such as bodywork, skincare and meditation help to heal and unwind us, lowering the amount of stress contained in the body, while active practices such as physical exercise, yoga asana and self-inquiry help to build resiliency and stimulate continued inner strength and growth in your body mind.

    Rise and Shine Yoga

    On the shady Presidio Lawn. Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am
    Yoga for rejuvenation. All levels are welcome. Integrating traditional hatha poses with mindful breath and gentle flow.

    Guided Meditation

    On the shady Presidio Lawn. Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am
    An exploration of meditation includes visualization, mantra and awareness techniques to still the mind and the soul. Beginners are welcome.


    In the Regency Pool. Friday at 4:00pm
    Drawn from Pilates, this class is designed to improve core strength, stabilization, balance, and coordination. Movements done completely in the water allowing the class to be lo-impact and great for anyone.

    Your body moves (on Demand)

    Private Yoga w/ Doug Reid

    Yoga for rejuvenation. All levels are welcome. Integrating traditional hatha poses with mindful breath and gentle flow. $100 for up to 5 people/$20 each additional person.

    Private Meditation w/ Doug Reid

    An exploration of meditation includes visualization, mantra and awareness techniques to still the mind and the soul. Beginners are welcome. $100 for up to 5 people/$20 each additional person.

    Aqualates w/ Ashley

    A fresh and compelling take on Water Pilates in the Regency Pool. $100

    Standing bar class w/ Ashley

    Learn bar class modifications you can do at home using any chair. $100

    Transformational Breath w/ Jennifer Savino

    Clear energetic pathways and deepen your connection to your body and your breath. $200

    Ai Chi w/ Ann Moureau

    A contemplative style water based movement art from Japan. $100

    Integral Life Coaching w/ Cindy Lou Golin, PhD

    In a one-on-one confidential life coaching session, Dr. Golin provides an opportunity for you to experience more of what you want in life, and in the process gain self-awareness, clarity, insight, and enhanced personal growth. With a combination of honest feedback, intuitive insight, and useful tools, your personal life coach supports you in being more of who you truly are. $250 per session

    A full menu of classes and Your Body Moves partners is available at the hotel front desk or at the spa reception.

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  • Estrella Spa Shop

    The Estrella Spa Shop carries a fine selection of merchandise from friends around the world that share our same commitment to all-natural, hand-crafted experiences. Including:

    Dotter, the Swedish word for "daughter," is a pop up creation of the mother/daughter duo, Susanne + Annika located within the Estrella Spa at Palm Springs. The shop combines a unique mix of women's clothing, jewelry, and shoes alongside housewares, cookbooks and stationary. The Spa Shop also includes select items from Kelly Wearstler as well as skin care products from s/heDr. AlkaitisGrown Alchemist and COOLA.